Air Cooled Heat Pump Chillers
R410A... 121÷932KW


  • Air-to-water heat pump.
  • Wide range of aggregates including 24 models.
  • Average step of 25 kW.
  • EER up to 2.95.
  • COP up to 3.20.
  • ESEER up to 4.22.
  • Scroll compressors.
  • Refrigerant charge - R410A.
  • Double, triple, quadruple refrigeration circuit.
  • Plate or shell-and-tube heat exchanger.
  • AC axial fans.
  • Double, triple, quadruple air circuit.
  • Intended for indoor installation.


  • Chilled water outlet temperature: -12÷20°C
  • Ambient temperature: -10÷45°C



  • Hot water outlet temperature: 30÷60°C
  • Ambient temperature: -10÷30°C



  • Two scroll compressors for each refrigeration circuit.
  • Double, triple, quadruple refrigerant circuits.
  • Separated air circuits.
  • IDEA® dynamic defrost monitoring system.
  • Electronic expansion valve.
  • Heat exchangers with water repellent coating.
  • Noise-suppressing and super-noise-suppressing kits.
  • Pumping groups with low, medium and high pressure.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Eurovent certification.


POWER SUPPLY: 400/3/50



  • FRAMEWORK: steel with protective epoxy coating; color: RAL 9002.
  • COMPRESSORS: scroll compressors; 2-pole 3-phase electric motor with direct on line starting; phases control relay; crankcase heater; thermal protection of the motor via temperature sensors; rubber supports.
  • EVAPORATOR from 120 P4 D VT2 to 410 P4 D VT5: brazed plate heat exchanger in stainless steel; polyurethane insulation; water temperature sensors at the air inlet and outlet; differential pressure switch; antifreeze heater.
  • EVAPORATOR from 430 P6 T VT5 to 830 P8 Q VT8: direct flow shell-and-tube evaporator; refrigerant - R410A; Tubes with a helical rifled internal surface; shell, header, tube sheets, made of carbon steel; copper tubes; polyurethane insulation; water temperature sensors at the air inlet and outlet; antifreeze heater.
  • REFRIGERATING CIRCUIT: reversing valve for refrigerant circuit inversion; sight glass; filter-drier on a liquid line; liquid receiver; service valves on suction line and gas discharge; pressure sensors with the function of indication, monitoring and protection against pressure drops of the refrigerant; oil purification and regeneration system; IDEA® dynamic defrost monitoring system.
  • CONDENSER: copper tubes with aluminum fins, which increase the heat transfer of the system and reduce the pressure drop; Characterized by: maximum performance; minimum volume of refrigerant; reduced air consumption; frame made of galvanized steel.
  • ELECTRICAL PANEL: main switch with safety lock; fuses for compressors; switches for fans of magneto-thermal type; contactors for the compressor; transformer for the circuit and power supply of the microprocessor; panel with machine controls.
  • CONTROL SYSTEM: MP.COM microprocessor control with graphical display; real time clock; flash memory; components hour-meter; a password-protected menu; LAN connection.