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Weger - European manufacturer of high-quality ventilation equipment, air handling and heat recovery systems. Weger has evolved from a manufacturer of accessories for ventilation equipment (for supply and exhaust systems) to one of the most modern factories for the production of ventilation systems. The company's factories are equipped with advanced laser metal processing systems.



The company was established in 1977 and the initial sphere of its activity was construction.

Southern Tyrol is considered to be the place of the company’s foundation. Here Weger gained an extensive experience in the production of air ducts and accessories for ventilation systems. This was followed by the first production of high-quality air conditioning systems.

One of the most successful inventions in this area was the DIWER series, presented in 1992. Today, the DIWER EVO lineup carries on the traditions of this series.

The new leading Weger deveopments are DIAMANT and MUNDARIA series, whose predecessor was the same DIWER series.

In 1999, part of the growing production in North Tyrol (Austria) was moved to Hungary, Yasaroksallash. The main plant, still located in Kins, is one of the most modern production facilities in Europe.

Weger - a company with more than 35 years of experience in the production of air handling units. Today, the company's management is invariably focused on innovation and development of ever more advanced solutions in the field of ventilation and air conditioning.



Walter Weger is the one who stands at the origins of the company. His garage was the place where the  production of air ducts and other equipment started. Due to this man’s activeness and entrepreneurial spirit, a small firm has become a major European brand recognized throughout the world.



The company's production facilities are located in Austria and Italy, as well as in Hungary (Yasaroksallach). The main office of the company is based in Munich (Bavaria).

The main plants are located in the cities of Ratfield (North Tyrol, Austria) and Lienz (Eastern Tirol, Austria), as well as in Kins (South Tyrol, Italy).

Most recently Weger products gained direct access to the Ukrainian market. Now, domestic construction companies can verify and make use of the truly German high quality equipment. 



• Weger is 1 of 11 members of RAL RLT - organization with the highest quality requirements for the produced equipment

• 3 full-fledged manufacturing plants

• Sales to Switzerland make 20% of the company's turnover, the next strategic partner is Eastern Europe

• Production of equipment for the domestic market in Germany - 60% of turnover

• 35 years of successful work in the production of ventilation equipment



• Air-handling equipment (supply and exhaust systems, accessories for ventilation systems)

• Filters and air purification systems for professional kitchens



• Certificate ISO 9001-2000

• Member of RAL RLT - supplies its products not only to Germany, but also to other countries


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