Split Air Conditioning Systems
Outdoor Units
C Plus

The new MRV III C Plus system has an improved performance. Equipment with a capacity of 16 hp can be easily installed, quickly launched, and consist of up to 4 modules. It features high performance with reduced noise  level. Improved compressor technology and new sound insulation can reduce noise by 3 dB (A), while in operating condition it does not exceed 40 dB.



    • Energy-efficient DC-inverter scroll compressors
    • Scroll compressor with extended speed control range (15-120 r/s)
    • Operation at outdoor temperatures from -5 to +53 °C
    • Highly efficient electric motor: increases efficiency by 30%.
    • Reduction of energy consumption in standby mode by 40% due to intelligent oil temperature regulation
    • Quiet operation, low noise level
    • Protective earthing, protection against surges, pressure drop, hydraulic shock and phase failure; anti- lightning and thermal protection
    • Max. total pipe length -300 m
    • Max. height drop between indoor units - 15 m
    • Soft start of the compressor prevents impact loads on the refrigerant pipelines