80 ÷ 320 kW


• 2 stage indirect adiabatic cooling system for Large Data Center.
• 4 models available.
• EER up to 38,9 (London climatic profile)
• Fully recyclable. Fully aluminum structure.
• 3 operation conditions:
-- Total free-cooling
-- Free-cooling + adiabatic cooling
-- Free-cooling + adiabatic cooling + mechanical cooling
• Double stage indirect adiabatic cooling. Ambient air flow is divided from
in-room air flow, protecting indoor from pollutants.
• Suitable for outdoor installation.



• Industry leading level pPUE. SIVIS allows exceptional achieving pPUE
score lower than 1,025.
• Allows high energy savings and low CO2 emissions.
• 20 years warranty against corrosion on cabinet.
• Zero indoor footprint:
-- Installation on the external perimeter of the building.
-- Roof installation to reduce or eliminate the space occupied around
the building.
• Availability of an auxiliary cooling source:
-- Direct expansion system
-- Chilled water system.
• No recycling water: The humidification system that does not recirculate
the water
• All in one equipment for a quick installation and maintenance. Only
electric, hydraulic and delivery/return canalization installation are
• Modular units. Side by side installation of the units.
• Ready to use. No extra components needed. Built in control system for
ALL parts.



SIVIS is a packaged Air Handling Unit (AHU) that uses ambient air as
refrigerant fluid to cool the Data Center.
The machine is equipped with two cooling sections, each with filtering section,
air/air heat exchanger and supply fans with variable air-flow.
Each cooling section handle the 50% of the total air flow of the system.
The cooling effect is obtained inside the cross-flow air to air heat exchangers
where the ambient air flow and Data Center airflow never come into direct
contact ensuring treated air purity.
The ambient air flow is ensuring by dedicated fans with variable flow.